Polyester Plants Machinery

FILTER CLEANING SYSTEMS TEG BATH 1 pot & 3 pot assembly, a) Jacketed with thermic vapour heating system
b) Jacketed oil heating with forsed circulation system
c) Jacketed plant oil with electrical heating system

FLUIDIZED BED Fluidized Bedcleaning System

FURNACE POT a) Furnace Pot For Filter Cleaing System  

POWDER RECOVERY S.S. Powder Recovery System

CRYSTALLISERS Chips Drying Systems Capacity - 1.5 & 2.5 M.T. Type – ROSIN Fluidized bed dryer,
Fixed bed dryer Reactors & Vessels for C.P.
Plant : Paste preparation vessel Process Column EG Tanks, etc.

PRESSURE FILTER a)DMT crude filter (candle type)
b)DMT fine filter
c)PRE POLY filter
D.M.T. melter :56M3 S.S.316

VARIOUS TYPES OF HEAT EXCHANGERS Screw feeders : 1 Ton to 20 Ton/hr
Chips silos : Up to 1500 cu mtr.
Chips blenders : up to 40 tons
Fluff silos : 40M3 ( 3 Screw Design)

VACUUM FURNACE Fluidized Bedcleaning System

DRYER a) Candle filter trey dryer

CHIP SILO Fluidized Bedcleaning System

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